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Custom dxf cnc metal art


Welcome to the DXFGraphics.com clip art site.....Clip Art in a DXF format..!

About me and this web site

Over the past 36 years I have worked with CNC plasma and sign cutting machines. Many of the people I have met around the country have asked me about creating metal art graphics and signs for them. Over the years I have created and compiled a library of parts. Additionally, I have been adding to this library as special requests come in. "Please download my free sample dxf parts listed to the right."

To see all the newest graphics added by month Newest Graphics or to use the new DXF Search function Graphic search

My charges for the graphics are based on the amount of time it takes to create these parts always keeping in mind how they are going to be cut on your cutting systems. The fees collected, pay for all the web site expenses.

Please e-mail me for any special requests or attach a picture of the item you would like converted or created into a dxf file. Custom signs and graphics are always being created so don't hesitate to ask about having one made for you. Please keep in mind, this is my hobby and I work on all graphics at night and weekends.

A special thanks to the contributors and their pictures.. there are many more that I have not listed yet... Thank you!!

They were kind to help out this web site by providing either graphics, pictures of cut items, ideas and support. Thanks again for making this web site a success.

Recent Customer Pictures


1970 Dodge Charger dxf

 DXF cnc Graphic art USA Flag
leaning cowboy dxf cnc art
dog sign dxf graphic
reflection scene cnc dxf graphics

Current Projects

dxf cnc art


Free sample files in a DXF format -- If your not sure that you can use these files, down load these zipped files and test them

Free dxf

Welcome SIgn

Click on the sign to down load it.................... See the Merry Christmas sign cut out of stainless....Thanks to Ken from PA.. See a cut sample

free plasma art

Letter or Napkin Holder....................Click on it to down load it....See a cut sample

dxf art


Holds hot plates, bend the tabs 
to create the standoff legs.

See a Cut Sample

free dxf cnc art

Key holder

Bend the tabs up to create the hooks..............., See a cut sample of this by Cari

See and download the previous Key holder

Thank you to all my customers

It's been really great to hear all the stories and positive feed back regarding these graphic files, signs and logos. I really enjoy seeing the final product and appreciate all the pictures that you have sent in.

For those of you considering purchasing some graphics, please down load the free samples listed below to insure that you can use these files.

Please note that these graphics are available in different formats.

NOTE: Please be sure to provide a valid email address that will allow attachments when ordering and is not blocked by a spam filter. If your order does not arrive please check your spam folder.

Order deliveries

Due to a change in my daily schedule, orders will be sent via email after 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sundays the orders will be processed as usual.

**** Please keep an eye out for notices concerning order delays, a notice will be posted on this page when they are expected****

** Notice.. Custom Orders **

At this time I will not be able to accept any more special orders due to the volume of requests. I hope to be able to accept new custom orders by December 2020.

Your Feedback is very important to me and I would greatly appreciate it if you could e-mail me your comments regarding this site or the sample parts. Please click here to fill out my feedback form...... If you ever experience any problems with these files please e-mail me.

Another free DXF file sample

dxf art See a cut sample

Free Candle Lamp or Box..... 5" x 20.25" , the .25" you can use as a lap if you want to spot weld it. The base plate was created like a end cap with a .375 allowance to make the bends. Click on it to download the zipped dxf file ......PLEASE...Email any comments about this graphic.....

Customer requests, what's coming soon and recent site changes
Transportation Sections -  I have split the Transportation sections into 4 areas 10/2020.
Graphic Sizes - Most new graphics will be sized with a 12" maximum dimension unless noted otherwise. 
Graphic deliveries - When a individual graphic is ordered it will be emailed unzipped, 4 or more will be in a zip file. 
College Football Team graphics - The College football page has been added, Teams are being created, may take a long time !  
January 2020 - A search function has been created...!  
Car and Truck Graphics - Many being made but they take a long time to make......Thank you for your inquiries.
New Graphics - New Files will be added as they are made, previously they were added in batches, check daily.
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